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Lobbyist Rates

I. Federal $500 per hour (+)

  1. President
  2. Vice President Supreme Court Justice
  3. Cabinet Secretary  U.S. Senators
  4. U.S. Attorney General
  5. Foreign Embassy (Ambassador or staff)

Heads of State (Foreign Countries) 

Lobbyist Services Include:

  • Telephone (campaign)
  • Telemarketing 
  • Email
  • Promotional Gifts to officials
  • Promotional Concierge to officials
  • Letters by postal mail 
  • Research telephone conferences
  • In-person interviews and conferences with persons and offices being lobbied
  • Personal representation and interviews
  • Media advertisement
  • Media/Union Negotiations
  • Supporting issues
  • Opposing issues
  • TV/Radio appearances
  • Organizing picket lines
  • Settling disputes
  • Ending protest

Special Interest:

  • Civil Rights
  • Senior Citizen Rights
  • Animal / Wild Life Rights
  • National Health Care
  • Marijuana Legalization
  • Ohio H.B.60 Goddard Law

II. State $250 per hour (+)

  1. Governor to Lt. Governor
  2. State Supreme Court Justice
    State Cabinet Secretaries
    State Senators U.S.
  3. Major City Mayors
    State Legislation
  4. Judges/ Magistrates, Sup. & Common Pleas Courts
  5. State Attorney's General

Other State Officials

III. Local & Corporate $99 per hour (+)

  1. Minor City Mayor
    Major City Councilmen
    County Commissioners
  2. Minor City Councilmen
    Municipal Cabinet Secretaries
  3. Leaders of Business, Pastors and Community Organizations
  4. Judges/Magistrates
    Municipal Courts
  5. City/County Attorneys

Other City Officials


44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama an
old friend and Honorary Earth Templar Since 1997
"America's Godbrother"


To the right, Professor Bruce B. Jackson (BB) Esquire, Former Law Professor at Chicago's John Marshall Law School and current Law Professor at Catholic University in Washington D.C. His clients include REV. Jeremiah E. Wright, Robin Roberts from Fox News, the late Walter Payton (NFL) and Donna Stone (Clement Stone), Chicago Billionaires. As a Chicago Loop Trial Lawyer, he's known as the "Wizard of Wacker."
BB is my cousin, Godbrother and fellow Central State Alumni.


To the left, Eric Holder, (Godbrother) Attorney General of the United States of America. Friend of Reverend Hodge and our Earth Environment. Reverend Hodge has befriended two other past Attorney Generals, the late senator William B. Saxbe and Former U.S. Attorney, Janet Reno (Miami, 1980).
Rev. Hodge as a child shook hands with Robert Kennedy (The Late Sen).


Dr. Anthony Hodge with old friend and environmentalist being lobbied.
To the right, U.S. Sen Sherrod Brown


Former Ohio Senator, Attorney Otto Beatty Jr., and His Wife U.S Congresswoman Joyce Beatty (Godbrother and Godsister)


U.S Senator Sherrod Brown, and Dr. Anthony T. Hodge, Criminologist/Lobbyist

Dr. Hodge with Cleveland Cavaliers Coach

Dr. Hodge with the Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Tyronn Lue, "The World’s Greatest Coach", environmentalist and Godbrother.

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